August 29 2014

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OPI Paints It Pink


I have a love/hate relationship with the color pink. Yes, it was the theme of my childhood bedroom, but since ripping out that plush carpet at age 13 and insisting on leaving the hardwood floors beneath it bare, I essentially banished the girly hue from my life. “My favorite color is blue,” I insisted into my teens, playing out much of my adolescence as a tomboy. My interest in makeup and all things beauty came about later, as did the realization that my favorite color is in fact red (it looks great with my coloring) and a few of its rosier incarnations, including—dare we say it—pink. Fuchsia lipsticks are a staple in my makeup arsenal and bright pink blushes definitely have their permanent place as well. It’s on my nails, though, that you’ll see the color pop up with the most frequency, which is why OPI’s latest limited-edition launch is particularly exciting. The four-piece Nice Stems! collection debuts next week and features Play the Peonies, a soft bubblegum; Come to Poppy, a shimmering coral; Be a Dahlia, Won’t You?, a dark orchid; and I Lily Love You, a pink sparkle lacquer with a 3-D effect. They’re all ripe for a summer pedicure—and possibly a paint sample. Not sure if my s.o. would go for it, but Come to Poppy would look amazing as an accent wall, no?

OPI Nice Stems! collection, $8.50 each, available at, beginning June 1.

Photo: Courtesy of OPI

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