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Pores No More


EIJITSU ROSE (y-jit-soo roh-z) / n. / 1. / The fruit of the Rosa multiflora plant, a dense, quickly proliferating shrub with arched stems and white or pink flowers; / n. / 2. / Bright red berries with origins that can be traced back to Japan and China, where it is known as the Syouby and has been used to ease digestion since ancient times; / n. / 3./ A prized skincare ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce visible signs of sun damage while also deep-cleaning pores and retaining optimal hydration levels, e.g., “Soothe stomach and skin woes with Eijitsu Rose.”

Try it: Kyoku Pore Reducing Serum with Eijitsu Rose extract, $44,

Photo: Courtesy of Kyoku

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