August 29 2014

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Summer Sparklers, From Stila


We frequently find ourselves at odds with sparkles, but there’s a time and a place for glistening pigments. And according to Stila, that time is now and that place is your eyes. The brand has recently released a whole new line of shimmery Waterproof Liquid Liners equipped with “micro-glitter” for unparalleled shine without the threat of large flecks finding their way onto your cheeks, temples, etc. Available in eight different shades—including Electric, a bright aqua with green shimmer; Bora Bora, a similarly festive shade of cerulean blue; and the sleeper hit Flash, an army green with hints of olive and gold light—these felt-tipped wands go on and stay on to add a fun dose of color to your seasonal makeup arsenal. They set pretty quickly, too, so there’s no risk of smudging once you’ve managed to scrawl on that perfect cat-eye. A few words to the wise: Don’t forget to experiment with your lower lash line, and keep the makeup remover-soaked pointed Q-tips on hand to fudge a perfectly straight line should a firm, un-shaky hand elude you.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /; Courtesy of Stila

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