August 30 2014

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Welcome Back, Vincent Longo


Vincent Longo’s Lip and Cheek Gel Stain was the first product from the famed makeup artist that made us, and countless others, devoted fans of his eponymous range. The fact that the scarlet-hued, multipurpose, universally flattering tint has been a makeup bag staple for beauty junkies for so long seemed to ensure Longo’s staying power—which is why it came as a surprise to industry insiders as he seemed to fade into the background over the past few years. “As a true independent brand, when the economy took a dip, it was very difficult to develop the products that I loved,” Longo told us. “So in order to cut costs, I only kept my favorite products and pared down the rest of the line.”

But now, it’s comeback time. “I feel like the consumer is more aware than ever of the creativity that makeup artist brands bring to the forefront of beauty,” said the face painter. “Product innovation always gets me very excited.” That’s why Longo is particularly pumped about his new Galaxy Dream collection. For his latest launch, Longo employed a new powder-press technology and updated formulas that he came across in Italy for out-of-this-world results. The Pearl X eye shadow is inspired by seventies-era flicks like Barbarella and combines matte pigments and pearlized textures in an array of deeply pigmented hues, while the V Gloss has a subtle volumizing effect and an appealing sheen. The real star, however, is the Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer, which contains peptides to address dark circles and puffiness and arnica to improve circulation. It comes in a handy felt-tipped pen applicator for easy, little strokes of camouflaging genius. Suffice it to say, we’re glad to have Longo back.

Photo: Courtesy of Vincent Longo

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