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Aesop Scrubs Up


With a long weekend’s worth of sun, sunscreen, and sand awaiting many of you in T-minus two days, there’s one thing we’d like to recommend for the beach bag you’re presumably already packing (even if only in your mind): body scrub. Regular body washes aren’t always strong enough to sufficiently dissolve the residue super-powered SPFs leave behind, so scrubs come in handy to get your skin squeaky clean and ready for whatever after-sun lotions you’ve brought along for the ride. Conveniently enough, our favorite Aussie skincare line has added a body scrub to its well-loved Geranium Leaf range—a first for the brand, which has shockingly remained scrub-free until now. Boasting not one but two grades of milled pumice and micronized bamboo stem for a mild abrasion, Aesop’s version also contains mandarin and bergamot oils to further purify skin as dull surface cells are washed away to reveal more radiant arms and legs. For those of you opting to go faux with your bronze this weekend, remember: A pre-self-tanner sloughing will do wonders for any lingering streaking concerns.

Photo: Courtesy of Aesop

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