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First Look: Alexa Rodulfo X Colette


After collaborating with grooming line Baxter of California on a scented candle in May, Colette has another bright idea up its sleeve. Later this month, the store will launch an exclusive candle created in conjunction with well-known beauty, er, luminary Alexa Rodulfo, who parlayed her status as the preferred coiffeur and makeup artist to an international coterie of socialites into a passion for fragrant wax. Rodulfo’s latest olfactory creation “perfectly harmonizes the classic and the modern,” she says, combining warm notes of cedarwood, musk, and amber with hints of pepper, cardamom, and angelica root. Making the aptly named Bois de Colette even more enticing is that it will retail for a mere $35—half of what Rodulfo’s full range of items goes for—as customers will have the chance to purchase the product sans its signature decorative box and frilly pewter lid. There can only be so much Upper East Side at 213 rue Saint-Honoré.

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