August 28 2014

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Florence Welch, Red Hot


Brow-bleaching may have (finally) fallen out of favor on the runways, but Florence Welch holds a candle for pale fire. “I tried it last year and loved it,” the Florence + the Machine front woman says of her statement-making blocked-out arches. “My friend who dyes my hair—Zina at Myla and Davis Salon in South London—did it for me. It’s really good for performing, because it makes you look quite frightening, a bit alien.” The otherworldly effect is less good for everyday life, the flame-haired songstress admits. “My boyfriend hates it and, I have to say, bleached brows are not so flattering first thing in the morning.”

Our June Beauty Essentials star focuses her attention on bold lips, porcelain skin, and sun protection these days, and has packed up her favorite products along with a suitcase full of Gucci ensembles for her summer tour across the U.S. “Me and Frida [Giannini] worked on customizing the looks for my shows, which was so exciting. The clothes are perfect for performing in.” As for her signature red strands, Florence reveals that keeping that ultra fiery color takes some work. “I used to henna it, but prolonged use of henna can damage your hair, so now I use a semi-permanent [dye]. It washes out very quickly, though!” Click here for more insight into Florence’s beauty routine.

Photo: Lester Cohen / Getty Images

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