August 20 2014

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Murad’s Multi-Tasker For Lips And Tips


Much as we love a bright nail lacquer (and we do), we have been diligent about giving our tips periodic breaks from polish over the past six months. There are mixed opinions in the biz as to whether or not this is actually necessary for optimal nail health, but after a brutal winter, we made the call that in order to prevent peeling and cracking, frequent filing and oil treatments were a must in between manis. And you know what? We’ve actually gotten into the at-home maintenance, although cuticle care has never been our favorite part of the ritual. Until, that is, Murad made the whole process a bit easier—and, dare we say, fun—with its new Soothing Skin Lip and Cuticle Care stick. Like most emollient salves, it will work just as well on lips as on fingertips. Here’s the kicker: an ingenious, slanted rubber tip has been designed on one end of the pen, making the act of pushing back cuticles a simple subway activity. (And to those of you who shun public displays of beauty: Relax.)

Photo: Courtesy of Murad

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