August 20 2014

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Philosophy Raises The Bar


A while ago, I got back into bar soaps in a major way. It was a combination of the handmade soap boom and a newfound distaste for frilly body poufs that helped renew my love for the simple and cathartic process of putting soap block to limbs and washing away the day. It didn’t take long for me to realize that all bar soaps are not created equal, though. While some can do wonders for the body, they’re all too harsh and drying on the face—a total downer if you don’t want to tote along your complicated morning and evening skincare routine every time you take a shower. That’s what makes Philosophy’s new Purity Made Simple Cleansing Bar so convenient. Like the original Dove Beauty Bar that came before it, Purity is bolstered by essential oils to put moisture back into the skin while effectively getting rid of grime, so its gentle lather effectively conditions and cleanses. I stumbled upon its refreshing sweet citrus scent just in the nick of time, too. Though my interest in body gels and scrubs has waned, my obsession with shampoos and conditioners is on the uptick—which means space in my closet of a shower is increasingly hard to come by.

Photo: Courtesy of Philosophy

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