August 23 2014

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Spotlight On Beauty Spots


Here is an inconvenient truth about me: I am a freckle-face. Not always—mostly in the summer when the sun is strong and my skin’s proclivity toward pigmentation is unavoidable. Regardless, I have mixed feelings about it. Sure, it’s “cute,” but it’s really just a sign of the darker and darker sun spots that are to come—a terrifying reality I discovered after getting one of those UV-damage scans at a medispa a few years back (for the record, the answer to “do you want to see what your pigmentation will look like in 10 years?” is NO). Every so often, however—like when I recently flipped through the July issue of Elle Russia—I feel lucky to have “beauty marks,” as my freckled mother refers to the tiny brown flecks. Erin Heatherton does spotted girls proud in this Enrique Badulescu-lensed spread, helped along by a nice golden glow and slightly stained mouth, courtesy of facepainter Andrew Gallimore. While I typically condemn wearing makeup to the beach, this subtle pink pout is something I might consider for my next trip to Far Rockaway, although getting my hands on these Cutler and Gross shades may have to be my first priority.

Photo: Enrique Badulescu for Elle Russia, July 2011



  1. rachelkibbe says:

    Beautiful!!! LOVE my freckles.

  2. kathrin_basilicom says:

    clean skin with freckles is just beautiful!

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