April 20 2014

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Sunday Riley Talks Summer Skin


If models’ skin seemed particularly radiant at yesterday’s Stella McCartney Resort presentation, there’s a reason for that: Sunday Riley. The skincare guru was on hand to give mini facials so that complexions were the perfect canvas for a light application of foundation. “I’ve always wanted to put something together with her,” Riley said of McCartney. “She’s a luxury brand, but there’s a green consciousness there,” she continued, pointing out the similarities between her brand and the designer’s. Call it a natural fit.

Because it’s summer and the heat can boost oil production and make breakouts more of a concern—even for models—Riley started her treatments with her Ceramic Slip cleanser, a gentle foam that purifies as it tightens pores. “The makeup look is all about the skin, so I wanted it to be dewy,” Riley said, massaging in her Skin Adrenaline, an instant radiance booster, and dabbing her Stimulant 1 near lids to minimize fine lines. “Summer makes you more crepe-y around the eyes,” Riley pointed out.

As for Riley’s other tips to beat the heat, her best advice is the simplest: “Wash your face,” she said, explaining that a surprising number  of women just don’t. Her other words to the wise: “Use some kind of acid product once a week to get rid of the oil and residue.” Not a huge fan of the more common salicylic-based products, Riley recommends going with a lactic acid, like the pharmaceutical-grade version in her Good Genes serum. “It actually helps your other products sink into the dermal level, which other acids don’t do.”



  1. Citygirlinred says:

    I love that Sunday Riley recommended a drugstore product – and love, love Sunday Riley Skincare! try the Liquid Diet!