August 23 2014

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The Brazilian Blow-out Battle Rages On, And More…


In the wake of the Brazilian blow-out scandal of 2010, many salons have taken the formaldehyde frizz-fighting treatment off of their menus. Others, alternatively, are keeping it on and simply providing goggles and gas masks to customers undergoing the service. There’s nothing super-creepy about that or anything. [NYP]

According to one scientist, wearing fragrance is a “fine art of deceiving” the brain. We’d be better off letting our unaltered body odors do the olfactory talking, the renowned microbiologist says. “Our natural odor goes from the nose directly to the brain and immediately rouses emotions.” If you were looking for a way to rationalize going deodorant-free, there you go. [Wired U.K.]

And while you’re at it, stop using synthetic soaps and shampoos, too. A new study reports that phthalates found in 70 percent of shampoos, cosmetics, and soaps are endochrine disruptors and could be quietly contributing to weight gain. [Daily Mail]

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