August 29 2014

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Five Summer Slimming Tips From Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Nutritionist To The Stars


Dr. Lindsey Duncan is best known for turning Marc Jacobs circa 2000 into the Marc Jacobs of today—svelte, perma-tanned, health conscious skirt-wearer that he is. “When I first met him he wasn’t into anything except work and partying,” Duncan says of the old Jacobs, who had a bevy of health issues that included a severely damaged digestive tract. “Marc had gone to a lot of different experts but they didn’t know how to fix it. My job was to get to the root of the problem and it was really about lifestyle. Everything is connected.” The 28-year-veteran of the nutrition and wellness field set to creating a “significant” change in Jacobs’ diet, getting him on a regular exercise and supplement regimen and off all irritants. “After six weeks, there was a 70 percent improvement. After six months he was totally cured. And we used no drugs.”

These days, Duncan and his nutrition company, Genesis Today, are doing what he did for Jacobs on a much, much larger scale. “I think I understand how to get the body well better than anyone else, which is why Wal-Mart approached me.” The megabrand reached out to Duncan almost five years ago when the wellness boom started to go mainstream. Duncan’s superfruit juices, vitamin chews, and the like hit shelves at the superstores in 2009, introducing a whole new crowd to the antioxidant benefits of acai, gogi berry, and pomegranate. His latest releases include Wake Me—”a healthy alternative to 5-Hour Energy”—a stevia sweetened guarana-based beverage that wakes you up and speeds up your metabolism but doesn’t overstimulate you, and Relax Me, Duncan’s answer to Ambien, which features melatonin-packed Montmorency cherry juice in a tea blend. Here, the doctor breaks down his five tips for staying slim, and above all healthy, as the summer swelter ensues.

Eat More Fresh Fruit

“If it’s 100 degrees outside, the body doesn’t want Indian curry,” Duncan jokes. “Every once in a while, skip a dinner and substitute it with fresh fruit, which cleanses the kidneys—watermelon, papaya; anything in season and exotic.”

Fill Up On Water And Fiber

“I drink 200 percent more water in the summer than in the winter. It hydrates you but also fills you up,” Duncan points out. “Fiber also helps cut your appetite back. Put a scoop in your acai berry juice and drink it before breakfast and dinner.”

Make Lemonade

“When you crave sweets, usually after lunch and dinner, squeeze a half to a whole lemon into a glass of warm water and drink it. It will cut your craving because it’s sour.” An added bonus: “lemon also flushes out your liver.”

Chews, Not Chips

“People snack because they’re fatigued, depressed, or have an oral fixation and that’s fine,” says Duncan. “But if you switch that jar of Hershey’s Kisses by your desk with vitamin gummies you’ll lose weight and boost your energy.”

Give Your Lotion The Brush Off

“This is a tip I give a lot of my celebrity clients: a couple days a week, don’t use so much lotion on your body and use a dry brush before you exercise to remove dead cells. This will actually allow your body to breathe. Your skin is your largest elimination organ—think of it as your third kidney. This lets you sweat out toxins.”


Photo: Courtesy of Genesis Today

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