August 30 2014

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Meet Mister Marvelous


Byredo’s Ben Gorham has shown his enthusiasm for the collaborative spirit on more than one occasion. His cardamom, geranium, incense, and vetiver eau de cologne for Fantastic Man was a smash hit with guys (and girls) when it debuted back in 2009; M/Mink, the flacon he created with art directors extraordinaire, Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak, drew the likes of Kanye West to its debut; and a host of scents (in both votive and spritz-able form) for Acne’s Jonny Johansson have proved some of the most coveted fashion-show keepsakes around. (We’re still on the hunt for a bottle of Svart Snö, the cinnamon, ginger, lavender, and clove room spray Gorham designed for Johansson’s Fall 2010 presentation, should anyone be looking to unload their stash).

Gorham’s latest launch is less of a collaboration, and more of an homage; Mister Marvelous, a new fragrance concept that will be a recurring series rather than a single release, aims to make a yearly tribute to male friends and colleagues whom Gorham defines as marvelous, as in “wonderful, exquisite, and astonishing with a bit of strangeness as well.” First on that distinguished list is renowned hair stylist Christiaan Houtenbos. Known by his first name only, the Dutch coiffeur had his hands in the hair of some of the biggest names in fashion when he burst onto the scene in the eighties—Grace Jones, Calvin Klein, and a coterie of models, included—and is credited, among other things, for pioneering the undercut. Houtenbos is still racking up styling credits for glossies (his were the magic fingers behind Emma Watson’s slicked-back July Vogue cover), and in his spare time, he busies himself with pottery, some poetry, and the occasional bit of woodworking (there’s the wonderful, astonishing, and exquisite bit). Gorham’s mandarin leaf, green lavender, bamboo, and black amber eau just went on sale on Byredo’s website, meaning that Houtenbos can officially add fragrance muse to his growing list of accomplishments as well.

Photo: Courtesy of Byredo

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