April 20 2014

styledotcom Must be the night fever.

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Philosophy’s Bright Idea


Dark spots are tricky business—particularly in the summer when it seems like every blemish turns into a blotchy mess thanks to the unavoidable sun exposure that comes with 104-degree temperatures and necessary seaside retreats. But Philosophy has come up with a winning formula that can help diminish increased acne scarring due to sun damage, with visible results in about a month. The secret is a precise layering effort of a mild retinol, like the one in its Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Aging Retinoid Pads, with a brightening treatment, like its newly launched Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector, to come at pigmentation with a two-pronged attack. After the pre-soaked pad works its magic, boosting cell turnover and increasing collagen production, the Spot Corrector goes to town, using a blend of lightening agents that includes a hyper-charged vitamin C complex and yellow dock extract (a perennial herb that helps reduce melanin build-up) for a more radiant and most importantly, more even-toned complexion. The duo works best when used at night (remember to always follow up with an SPF product in the morning for added protection) and just hit shelves in a conveniently packaged set. Starting next month, though, you’ll be able to buy the Spot Corrector on its own if a more centralized application is what you’re after.

Photo: Courtesy of Philosophy



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