August 21 2014

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Ricky’s NYC’s Smooth Operators


After discovering Ricky’s NYC No-Frizz collection back in March, we kicked our Mason Pearson habit to the curb for a bit in favor of the revolutionary technology that put strand-smoothing olive oil right into an array of plastic hair accessories. For its next trick, the popular New York City beauty purveyor has added another known frizz fighter to its arsenal of combs and brushes: argan oil. In addition to acting as a super moisturizer for tapped-out complexions, the buzzword ingredient protects hair from the damaging and fading effects of the sun while restoring shine. The wide-tooth comb in the Argan+ collection is therefore perfect for untangling ocean-born knots, as we discovered at the beach last weekend, and though we don’t expect to be using heat styling tools anytime soon—the very thought of a blast of hot air anywhere near our head after last week’s steamy East Coast weather is unthinkable—once the temperature acclimates, the range’s argan-doused paddle brush will work wonders with a morning blow-dry.

Photo: Courtesy of Ricky’s NYC

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