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A Diamond In The Rough For Feet


The end of summer is not the end of pedicure season, if you ask us. Fall nail polishes are just too tempting to resist (see Lippmann, Deborah, for our latest obsession), and there’s a certain pair of python open-toe pumps that has our name all over it, too. In order to afford said shoes, we’re dedicating ourselves to doing some DIY buffing at home. Lucky for us, Bastien Gonzalez’s new Black Diamond Scrub Mineral Foot Exfoliator makes that task a lesson in luxury. Made with actual diamond powder along with mother-of-pearl particles and volcanic sand, the obsidian-hued scrub exfoliates dead skin and hydrates beat-up heels and toes with a blend of thyme and sage essential oils. According to Gonzalez (who tends to many a famous pied in Paris), it’s best to spread the scrub over dry skin, focusing on rough areas like the heels first, then add a few drops of water and massage the foamy lather until it disappears. To maintain the silky, post-scrub effect, Gonzalez strongly advises against using foot files or pumice stones, which he says can damage the collagen structure of the skin. Should other spots need a little attention, the scrub also works wonders on dry hands, elbows, and knees.

Photo: Courtesy of Bastien Gonzalez

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