August 27 2014

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A New Kind Of CSA


The number of New York escape artists is on an upswing—up being the operative word. We’re referring specifically to weekenders who retire to a host of choice serene enclaves north of the city. The New York Times picked up on the trend, labeling the wooded area a few hours up Route 87 “Williamsburg on the Hudson” (the gray lady loves to extend New York’s geographical reach; some may recall when the paper dubbed Philadelphia the “sixth borough” in 2005). Besides fresh air, peace and quiet, and the ability to leave your doors unlocked, there’s now something else luring urbanites, particularly the beauty-obsessed, farther up the Hudson River: great skincare products. Cold Spring Apothecary, a natural skin and haircare line named after the town it calls home, is one such draw. The company was founded in 2010 but didn’t start selling products on its Web site until this January; in April the owners opened a free-standing retail store in the heart of their namesake village. We were first wooed by the clean, craft paper-style, hand-stamped packaging, but the products themselves (made by hand in-house and produced in small batches) are just as desirable. Star items include the soothing Petitgrain & Rosewood Facial Cleanser; the kaolin clay and neem-packed Deep Cleansing Facial Powder Mask & Cleanser, which destroys all blemishes in its path; the deliciously scented, talc-free Citrus, Ginger, and Vanilla Dry Shampoo; and seasonal favorites like the Camper’s Soap and an all-natural Bug Spray. We expect to put the lattermost to good use at the wedding we happen to be attending upstate this weekend—pre-hurricane, we hope. If you remain an avowed city dweller, you can still look before you buy: Steven Alan has just started stocking CSA this month.

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