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Beauty Throwdown: Battle Hairbrush


The Mason Pearson mixed-bristle brush just may be one of the most name-checked products in beauty history. Beloved by stylists and real women alike, it’s pretty much the gold standard against which all other hairbrushes are compared. But as special as the classic MP is, its design is easy to mimic—or rather, easy to try to mimic. And a great many brands have tried over the years. The latest contender to step into the ring is bargain queen Sonia Kashuk, a woman whose name has become synonymous with quality for less thanks to her Target line. After a thorough test drive, here’s how they stack up:

The Physical Form: Both brushes qualify as true lightweights, though Kashuk is slightly more slender. Pearson’s handle sticks to a classic form, while Kashuk goes the ergonomic route, molding to your hand’s natural grip—a feature that’s pretty sweet, particularly during long and laborious styling sessions, but would be better suited to a handle as long as Pearson’s. The bristles, a multi-sized blend of natural boar and heat-resistant varieties, look and feel nearly identical on both brushes.

The Peak Performance: We’ve always appreciated Pearson’s ability to massage the scalp while styling, thanks to its ideal bristle mix, and we’re happy to report that Kashuk’s performs in the same way as the original. The slightly longer handle on the Pearson does make it easier to maneuver, however, and we can attest to its lasting ability; we’ve owned ours for nearly a decade, and after daily use during that period it’s experienced minimal bristle loss.

The Bottom Line: We can’t report on Kashuk’s longevity after only a few weeks of use, but with a price tag this low, perhaps it’s a beauty risk worth taking before you invest in the classic Pearson.

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