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Davines Debuts Its Own Must-Have, Multipurpose Oil


ROUCOU (ru-ku) / n. / 1. / An oil extracted from the hairy, spindly fruits of the achiote, or Bixa orellana, a bushy evergreen shrub with origins in the Caribbean and Amazonian regions; / n. / 2. / Also known as bija by the Caribbean Indians, referring to a body paint created from the achiote fruit’s crushed crimson seeds thought to have magical properties; / n. / 3. / A medicinal pulp used as an insect repellent that doubles as a soothing salve for cuts, burns, and blisters when mixed with its own seeds; / n. / 4. / Rich in pro-vitamin A and beta carotene, a natural skin illuminator for dull complexions and a smoothing agent for dry hair, e.g., “Repel frizz, lackluster skin, and pesky mosquitoes with roucou oil.”

Try it: Davines OI/OIL, $39,

Photo: Courtesy of Davines



  1. Aleksa_lucky says:

    absolutely fabulous hair product! great for both thick and fine hair! it won allure best of beauty 2012 award, and I recommend it to everyone. It’s hard to find sometimes, but you can always purchase it online:

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