August 20 2014

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EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes with Lara, Ruby, Sky, and Alice


Just in time to capitalize on fall’s androgyny trend, ck one—Calvin Klein’s gender-bending hit scent—has been reimagined yet again. ck one shock, which hits shelves on September 1, diverges from its predecessors, however, setting up a battle of the sexes through two distinct fragrances, one for him and one for her, rather than a single unisex offering; consider them perfect for when you don’t feel like sharing. To properly illustrate the rock ‘n’ roll, devil-may-care attitude the eaux are meant to evoke, Klein’s marketing team has assembled a ragtag crew including burgeoning It girl and red lip-loving Sky Ferreira; Alice Dellal, whose loyalty to the side-shave even after the style was co-opted by the mainstream is nothing if not impressive; house muse Lara Stone; and Ruby Aldridge, who has her own bit of rock cred (sister Lily is married to Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill). The ad is ripe with classic Calvin raunch—underwear as outerwear, on-camera makeout scenes, etc., but the behind-the-scenes shots (premiering right here, right now) get to the heart of the fragrance, which at the end of the day is about a couple of crazy kids, having a good time.

Photo: Courtesy of CK One Shock

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