August 23 2014

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From Paris, With Lovely Skin


We’ve been obsessed with the French skincare brand Herve Herau and its The Way of Alchemy Cream Gel ever since it bowed at Colette last year. Acquiring a jar of this antiaging miracle worker, however, meant forking over serious coin—or euro, rather—for shipping and handling at international rates. Fortunately, the French wonder has finally hit our shores, making its exclusive debut in Brooklyn at Woodley & Bunny’s increasingly impressive apothecary. So, what exactly does the Way of Alchemy mean? Simply put, it’s a “marriage between ecology and modern science,” says Herau, a skincare pro who’s staking his name on a single product (the emollient salve is the entirety of his line so far). As such, the paraben-free cream-gel contains only vegetable and mineral ingredients, including a unique brown seaweed that stimulates micro-circulation and sooths inflammation, along with Sisymbrium irio, a plant that’s nicknamed “Lady’s violet” and produces an oil rich in fatty acids to help regenerate damaged, aging skin. Based on personal experience, the velvety moisturizer is amazing for combination skin, too, since it only hydrates where needed and somehow diffuses light to cast a lovely, soft-lit glow. Like we said, miracle worker.

Photo: Courtesy of Herve Herau

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