August 20 2014

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Kim Kardashian As Kate Middleton; Stress Can Cause Gray Hair; And More…


If somehow you’ve managed to miss the global news bulletin, Kim Kardashian got married this weekend in what she billed as her own version of the royal wedding. The bride sported a similar makeup look to the Duchess of Cambridge, too—full brows, rosy cheeks, heavily lined eyes, and a glossy mouth—although unlike Kate Middleton, who famously did her own makeup, Kardashian enlisted the services of her trusted face painter, Mario Dedivanovic, not to mention a few rows of fake eyelashes. [Us]

We introduced you to Chloé’s latest fragrance face a few weeks back. Now you can catch Imogen Poots in a teaser trailer for her new ad campaign for the eau de parfum. [Grazia]

“Deviated septums” might not be the cause of most nose jobs after all. According to a new study, a third of rhinoplasty patients also have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), which causes them to be preoccupied with imagined physical defects that others cannot see. [NPR]

Here’s one for your ever growing beauty lexicon: “porexia,” i.e., an increased obsession with enlarged pores and a readiness to go to until-now-unheard-of lengths to reduce them in size. [Daily Mail]

The truth comes out: Stress can lead to a range of physical manifestations, including gray hair. [Telegraph]

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