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Lois Lane: A Redhead?; A Warning For Dermaroller Users; And More…


Amy Adams, who plays the Lois Lane character in the forthcoming Superman film, Man of Steel, sent tongues wagging yesterday when she was spotted shooting a scene with her signature red hair intact—and not dyed brown like her comic book counterpart. Scandalous! [Perez Hilton]

The Dermaroller has become an international phenomenon, famed for its ability to create younger-looking skin by piercing tiny holes into the face to boost collagen production. But now comes word that the device could be “potentially lethal,” according to the the Hong Kong Consumer Council. [Daily Mail]

Winning the Miss Universe pageant in São Paulo, Brazil, next month will take more than just a pretty face. Just ask the competition’s first-ever Miss China, Luo Zilin. “[She's] got to be quite savvy about the world and what I am trying to do is to expose [her] to as many savvy things as possible,” says Zilin’s, er, coach, Yue-Sai Kan. Things like dumplings in New York’s Chinatown, a showing of Mary Poppins on Broadway, a tour of the McQueen exhibit at the Met, and a little help from fashion model Lu Sierra, fashion photographer Fadil Berisha, dance instructor Linda Kurtis, and a host of French etiquette experts. [WSJ]

Nowness tackles body makeup in its latest video editorial, with model Delfine Bafort getting the head-to-toe treatment from NARS makeup artist Francelle Daly. In the KT Auleta-directed film, Bafort’s skin goes from innocent and dewy to rainbow-colored and tribal to glossy black in an effort to mimic the light qualities at different times of day in the jungle. [Nowness]

Photo: Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

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