August 21 2014

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Strange Invisible Perfumes Asks, What’s Your Sign?


We’re not ashamed to admit that we have a little bit of an addiction to astrologist Susan Miller’s daily column. Her detailed horoscopes, with their shockingly accurate guidance in matters of the heart and the wallet, have turned us into a cosmic believer. So when we heard that Alexandra Balahoutis, the perfumer and founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes, would be using the zodiac as a guide for her latest collection, we were intrigued. Her limited-edition Astrological Collection will comprise 12 botanical scents—one for each astrological sign—fashioned by Balahoutis with the help of aromatherapist and author Mindy Green. The perfumes are being released in sets of two, pairing opposing signs on the astrological wheel together, and will be released over the next six months. The first to hit shelves are Pisces, and its opposite, Virgo (Balahoutis’s own sign). Emotional and compassionate Pisces is a heady blend of frankincense, ylang ylang, black pepper, cedarwood, and jasmine, while analytical and focused Virgo includes notes of neroli, sandalwood, sambac, rose, and temple mandarin. We’re particularly excited about next month’s release of our own cosmic guide, Libra, but we plan to follow Balahoutis’ advice and think outside the confines of our sign and experiment with others as well.

Strange Invisible Perfumes Astrological Fragrances, $275, available at the Strange Invisible Perfumes boutique, 1138 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, Calif., (310) 314-1505.

Photo: Courtesy of Strange Invisible Perfume

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