August 20 2014

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To The Manor Born


Hoteliers Jessica and Peter Frankopan have a love for all things horticultural. The British duo operate Cowley Manor, a grand old estate nestled on 55 acres of woods and meadows in the Cotswold countryside. The property’s stately gardens, which earned a spot on England’s Register of Historic Parks and Gardens, have proved to be a fertile launch pad for Green & Spring, the Frankopans’ whimsical natural skincare collection. Crafted with herbs and flowers native to the British Isles and spring water from the Cowley estate, the assortment “breathes in the goodness of land,” as the pair puts it, and doesn’t skimp on essential oils. The concentrated essences utilize all parts of the plant (leaves, stems, roots, you name it), which results in highly active batches of oils that deliver healing benefits. The hit Intensive Hand Cream is no exception. Packed with lavender, clary sage, and chamomile, the cure-all replenishes sunburned skin, wind-chapped lips, and even frizzy ends (pro tip: Emulsify a pea-size drop between your fingers and rub on raggedy areas). The handy 2.5-ounce tube fits neatly in a back pocket and, like all products in the range, depicts one of the birds that can be spotted on a bough or branch in the grounds’ surrounding forests. In a bit of good news, we were recently informed that hunting down these beauties no longer requires a jaunt to Cowley, not that we’d mind the trip; Urban Outfitters’ gardening and lifestyle store, Terrain at Styer’s, will start stocking the line this fall.

Photo: Courtesy of Green & Spring

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