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You Gotta Keep ‘Em Saturated


As my lust for neon lacquers and the-crazier-the-better nail art slowly wanes, I’m finding that my desire for equally bright lip colors remains conversely high. The reason for this is two-fold, I’ve surmised: a) I can’t wear nude lipsticks (my mouth is just too pigmented to get the coverage quite right), and b) a bright fuchsia or amplified red lip still happens to be an amazing statement, when worn with the right outfit, of course. The problem with bold pout colors, though, is finding the right consistency and finish that applies dark but doesn’t move too much. Urban Decay’s recently debuted Super-Saturated Lip Color delivers on both counts. Capitalizing on the chubby color stick trend that’s been successful for both Lipstick Queen and Clinique, Urban Decay’s five-shade collection brings something to the table its competitors don’t: unbelievably saturated pigment. I’m currently feeling Punch Drunk, a serious flat orange, and Crush, its hot pink counterpart, which apply easily, vividly, and stay put. And if you’re looking for a little face color on the fly, the creamy pencils look just as pretty diffused to a wash on cheeks.

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