August 22 2014

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Gerlan Marcel Revisits Angsty Youth


With Bleach London officially open for business at Milk, and street-style bloggers snapping everybody’s new candy-colored streaks, hair color is big business at the Spring shows. It was the mane event on the runway yesterday at Gerlan Jeans, where designer Gerlan Marcel presented her “teen witch” collection. “You’re alternative-but then again, you’re going to the mall to buy your alternative look,” the designer said, describing that phase of life where you hate just about everything (your boring blonde or brown hair, specifically). While the clothes featured Marcel’s special brand of textile design (Think: fabrics adorned with images of illustrated yearbook photos, oil slicks, slime, and duct tape), strands got the Manic Panic treatment, courtesy of hairstylist Chuck Amos. “You want to be different, and you’re totally committed to it,” Marcel says, which explains the black lipstick directive she gave Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics makeup artist Kristi Matamoros. “But at that same time, you are so self-conscious about those things that you are trying to embrace. It translates into this weird, awkward self-confidence that you can really only have in that transitional period between tween and teen.” We’re long past those days (thank god), but Marcel does provide some great ideas for future experiments with hair color. We’re sure there’ll be more before NYFW comes to a close.

Photo: Christelle de Castro

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