August 20 2014

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You’ve Got A Friend Request From My.Space Paris


There’s been no shortage of high-end spa openings in Paris of late (please direct your attention here for a case in point), but where do you go if, say, you’re in town for the shows and all you really need is a fast fix that doesn’t rival the cost of a night at the Ritz? Tucked away on what can only be described as an “up-and-coming” street between the République and Arts et Métiers métro stops—where art galleries are making headway amid a mash-up of storefronts—the new, sleek My.Space Paris offers two things that are tough to source in the City of Light, let alone under one roof: First, they’ve got Dermalogica facials on the menu—a rarity in and of itself considering that the brand is relatively unknown in France. These come in 20-minute “microzone” doses or full-hour treatments (€30 and €75, respectively). Second: Power Plate sessions during which a machine causes your muscles to contract and relax, thereby doing a workout for you, are only about €30 a pop under a coach’s supervision—and the first session is free! “We wanted to create something at the crossroads of “day spa” and “gym,” essentially for people who have no time,” says founder Delphine Paresys, who learned the spa business at Club Med in the U.S., among other venues. To that end she also offers a classic treatment menu, with mani/pedis (€25/35) and waxing or pulsed light hair removal. A word to the wise: A Google search for My.Space Paris yields a disturbing number of Paris Hilton results and other false starts, so save yourself the hassle and bookmark this link: