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A Fragrance For Nicole; Limbal Rings, A Defintion; And More…


It was really only a matter of time. Today comes the announcement that Nicole Richie is entering the beauty market with a signature scent all her own. Due out next year, the perfume is being billed as cool and classy, “with an edge.” [WWD]

In other things we could have predicted, Jersey Shore‘s Snooki has just launched a new collection of indoor tanning products. [Us]

A new study suggests an unlikely feature is the key to determining physical attractiveness in someone else: the eye’s limbal ring. Apparently, in the 20 milliseconds it takes to assess a person’s attractiveness, we’re factoring in the size and shade of the circle around the iris that separates it from the whites of the eyes. The bigger and darker the limbal ring, the more attractive the person appears. [HuffPo]

For the record, President Obama does not dye his hair—nor is the excess of salt in his pepper strands the result of job stress. “My grandfather was gray by the time he was 29,” Obama insists. “So I figured it was going to come. It just happened to coincide with the presidency.” [L.A. Times]

The fact that Lindsay Lohan is getting a one-way ticket back to jail is top o’ the twitter feeds today. And coming in a close second? Her courtroom bronzer abuse. [TMZ]

Photo: Steve Granitz / Getty Images

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