August 27 2014

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Behold: The New “Bieber;” EvolutionMan Does Manis For The Guys; And More…


Justin Bieber chopped off his signature feathered bangs back in February—much to the chagrin of many a ‘tween girl—and now the pop star is test-running a new look: faux-hawk. [People]

Parisian actress Léa Seydoux has a few enlightening opinions on the difference between American and French beauty routines: “[Americans] are always ‘on top,’ their teeth very white. And they are crazy about food,” the Prada Candy face says. “The problem with the French is that they smoke a lot, so they are not so fresh.” [Vogue U.K.]

EvolutionMan, a new lacquer line, is asking the hard questions: Shouldn’t men have a nail polish line all their own? We’re inclined to say “no,” but maybe that’s just us. [Racked]

Kate Moss isn’t just hawking lipstick these days. The super-est of them all is adding another flacon to her fragrance library with the launch of Lilabelle, an eau inspired by her 9-year-old daughter “for young girls becoming women and women who want to be young girls.” [The Scented Salamander]

What’s the secret to glowing skin and shiny hair? Pre-natal vitamins, according to The Office star Mindy Kaling, who was prescribed the supplements by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin and has never looked back. “They will not only scare your boyfriend, [they] will make your hair grow faster, thicker, and keep your skin smooth,” the actress reports. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Courtesy of EvolutionMan

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