August 31 2014

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Bye-Bye Toners; Hello Activators!


Aside from a knack for delicious baked goods and a seemingly innate ability to wear decorative scarves with complete and total ease, there’s something else Europeans are better at than us Americans: diligently using toner. Somehow, that little step between cleansing and moisturizing has been cut out of many of our skincare regimens because the act of swiping an aromatic, often innocuous liquid over already cleansed skin—or in some cases in lieu of soap altogether—seems ineffective to some and a waste of time to others. But waste of time it is not, according to esteemed cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone, who just released a four-piece lineup of highly concentrated toners and, in what is perhaps his biggest coup, rebranded them as “activators.” The liquid prep treatments are the latest addition to Perricone’s Super range and include the Brightening Activator, which contains licorice root and melon cartenoids to boost radiance; the Moisturizing Activator, which boasts chia extracts to enhance hydration and glycolic acid to remove dry surface cells; the Firming Activator, which uses red algae to plump fine lines and wrinkles; and the Clarifying Activator, which employs green apple querecetin to prevent breakouts and salicylic acid to improve clarity—all before you even mess with your regular serums and creams! The frosted glass bottles and colorful labels should help seal the deal, should you still be on the fence; if there’s one thing the American consumer appreciates, its pretty packaging.

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