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Clip Art


As my angled bob continues to barrel through awkward stage after awkward stage on its way to achieving its full regrowth potential, I’m constantly on the hunt for new ways to wear my hair. The Spring shows, as they so often do, offered up a considerable number of options—some more doable than others without the assistance of a professional—including updates on the ponytail that include the incorporation of an old favorite: barrettes. Your favorite childhood hair accessory and mine has gone through a few runway revivals of late, with floral, beaded, and crystal-encrusted embellishments turning up as one of the key trends from the Spring 2011 shows last September. This September, it was Guido Palau’s handiwork at Marc by Marc Jacobs that won us over. Backstage at the show, he created a medium-to-high ponytail, flipped it up and pinned it down with one chrome barrette before bringing the lengths back over the clip and pinning them again to create a voluminous silhouette. Complicated as it may sound, Palau demoed the process for us, and it was quick, easy, and plenty chic. Ditto the rose gold barrettes that Adam Reed and Paul Percival used backstage at House of Holland to hold a slicked-back top section above a low pony. The best part? All you need is $3.29 to get a hold of a three-pack of the multitasking accoutrements. If only Prada’s car-embellished leather skirts were as easy to come by.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /; Courtesy of Goody

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