August 27 2014

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The 411: Clinique’s Jenna Menard


Jenna Menard has long understood beauty’s transformative power—since she was a kid, in fact. Her mom ran a tiny hair salon out of their Pennsylvania home and Menard vividly remembers watching how her clients’ moods improved after a styling session. It was a desire to impart that same feeling on a daily basis that drew Menard to a career as a makeup artist. A regular contributor to magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair, Menard has a particular fondness for Clinique (it’s what her mom used and the brand of her first-ever mascara purchase), so you can imagine her excitement when she landed a gig as its global colour artist earlier this year, a role that has afforded her the opportunity to take her makeup know-how on the road. While she spends a good deal of time traveling, Menard is fiercely loyal to New York’s bounty of beautifiers. Here, she shares her favorite addresses.

The Hair Hero: Heather Packer at Cutler Salon

“I want low maintenance all around in case I don’t have time to make it to the salon more than a few times a year. Heather has mastered my long layers so that there’s just enough texture and my ends still look healthy.”

Cutler Salon, 465 W. Broadway, NYC, (212) 308-3838,

The Queen of Color: Amy Hudson at Marie Robinson Salon

“I feel fortunate to have a dream team of artists who I always go to for my cut and color. The true mastery is that they’ve figured out how to cut and color my hair so that it continues to look great as it grows out. Amy meticulously hand-paints select pieces to give me that natural sun-kissed color.”

Marie Robinson Salon, 155 Fifth Ave., 4th fl, NYC, (212) 358-7780,

The Strand Saver: Fatboy Perfect Puddy

“The extent of my daily hair routine is wash, towel-dry, then finish with Fatboy Perfect Puddy, and that’s it.”


The Manicurist With the Mostest: Jenny Salazar at Eve Salon

“My hands are constantly on people’s faces, so I like to keep my nails short and polished, whether it’s just one coat of nude or a color trend for the season. I go to Jenny at Eve Salon in the West Village because she understands the importance of perfect nails that truly last.”

Eve Salon, 55 W. 8th St., NYC, (212) 807-8054,

The Skincare Staple: Scrub Love

“I travel constantly, which involves exposing my skin to various climate changes and, of course, endless hours on planes—not the best combination. I’ve found that if I exfoliate on a regular basis I see a significant difference in the overall quality of my skin. I love Clinique 7 Day Scrub because it gently washes away dead skin cells and keeps my skin looking radiant!”


The Needle Know-It-all: Yusuf Ibrahim

“Being in tune with my body is so important, but it can be hard as I’m on my feet constantly and working long hours. I’ve found that acupuncture helps me on so many levels. It keep everything on track and working to its fullest potential. Yusuf truly cares for the well-being of his clients, and through acupuncture he’s able help with almost any issue.”

Tribeca Acupuncture, 350 Broadway, ste. 315, NYC, (212) 925-8314,

The Pore Perfector: Jennifer Buchina at Euphoria Spa

“A longtime friend, Kristen Haines, has created a very intimate spa experience at Euphoria in Tribeca; honestly, if I could go every day, I would! It’s the type of environment where you feel like it’s your own private spa. I like the Oxyfresh Facial with Microcurrent Technology, a traditional facial, with two added treatments—the oxygen treatment to hydrate and calm and the micro-current technology to tighten and firm. After one of these treatments my skin always feels restored to its best condition regardless of what I’ve put it through.”

Euphoria Spa, 18 Harrison St., NYC, (212) 925-5925,

Photo: Richard Phibbs

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