August 27 2014

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Topshop Gets Its Glow On


The big story backstage at Topshop’s Spring show was the sheets of gold leaf that hairstylist Paul Hanlon literally blew onto models’ tresses after coating individual strands with honey. The metallic, slicked-back style isn’t necessarily user-friendly, but the gilded effect left a lasting impression on us—and on Topshop makeup artist Hannah Murray, too, or so it seems. The face painter has designed the British retail giant’s new autumn/winter trend collection with warm golden hues in mind. “It epitomizes the idea of glossy, polished beauty,” Murray says of Smoke & Mirrors, her new 11-piece line that pays homage to the glamour of the early seventies with high-shine finishes and warm sun-kissed colors. Most impressive among the offerings, which include two nail colors, a lip and eye pencil set, a lash-extending mascara, two lipsticks, and a bronze and blush duo, are a multitasking Glow—a liquid mousse that applies like a cream to leave a gorgeous shell-toned sheen on cheekbones, lids, what have you—and a four-pan Eye Palette. Full disclosure: eye shadow quads tend to intimidate us (put what, where?), but this one is really user-friendly and happens to be crafted with our complexion in mind: There are two dark brown matte shades, one with a mauve undertone and the other with an olive undertone, and two shimmering pigments in champagne and bronze. You can wear each alone or apply the darker colors up through the crease while reserving the lighter shades to highlight the brow bone, as we’ve been doing of late. It’s going glam, made ridiculously easy.

Photo: Courtesy of Topshop

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