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Viktor & Rolf Get Bookish


Today was our first day back in the office following what seemed like months on the road following the Spring shows, and amid the piles of boxes and bags that are currently blocking the pathway to our desk was an adorable pink book called Fairy Tales. Upon further inspection, we realized that said hardback was penned by none other than Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Turns out the Dutch design duo has tried their hand at writing for the holidays, debuting the first English adaptation of their original tome, Sprookjes, which is intended to illustrate the beautiful world from which they draw inspiration. And you can see a parallel between some of the vignettes and their own creations, too; take Candy Floss, one of the book’s many protagonists, whose hand-drawn mane of texturized pink hair seems to recall the oversized dolls from the men’s Spring collection, with their invisibly crimped locks and hot pink, 3-D eyeliner. Additional anecdotes focus on the lonely “disco hedgehog,” who is ashamed that he glows in the dark; the apologetic, firespitting dragon butterfly; and, perhaps most interestingly to fragrance fans, the story of Flowerbomb. The jasmine, rose, and patchouli eau will be reimagined with a host of limited-edition offerings that are prime for gift-giving over the next few months, but reading Horsting and Snoeren’s fantastical account of how it came into existence through a plot to foil the sooty, gunpowder-filled bombs that had turned a colorful land black with the stain of war will make peering at the grenade-shaped flacon on your mantel that much more endearing.

Fairy Tales, by Viktor & Rolf, $20,

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