August 22 2014

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Lady Gaga’s McQueen Mind Meld


Lady Gaga may have worn blue lipstick and green eyebrows to the MTV Europe Music Awards last week, but it was her hooded hairstyle at last night’s Bambi Awards that truly won us over. That’s mostly because the always provocative singer managed to pull off one of the harder beauty-fashion combo looks that the Spring shows had to offer. Wearing head-to-toe McQueen, Gaga looped a short blond ponytail through one of designer Sarah Burton and hairstylist Guido Palau’s more elaborate show headpieces. It wasn’t a complete runway rip-off, though; while makeup artist Peter Philips kept complexions positively monochrome backstage in Paris, applying Chanel Pro Lumière foundation to faces and limbs, Gaga added a few bells and whistles in the form of red lipstick and black eyeliner, which she scrawled along her top lash line and in a squiggly pattern below her bottom lash line (the Queen of Pop would never go flair-free). Which adaptation do you prefer?

Photo: Getty Images; Luca Cannonieri /



  1. DianaCN says:

    Gotta love Lady Gaga — who else would actually wear McQueen’s headpiece?! Brilliant!
    - Diana Nygren

  2. FashionOfHisLove says:

    Lady Gaga couldn’t look more dramtically classy in a McQueen outfit. Well, she was made for living in the “Fashion Of His Love”.

  3. carol_wloch says:

    Gaga is like a model to McQueen’s looks! She’s really brilliant.

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