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D.S. & Durga X Shipley & Halmos


After meeting at a party and discovering a mutual appreciation for all things quirky, modern, and carefully tailored, the founders of niche brands D.S. & Durga and Shipley & Halmos seemed fated to work together. So when Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos decided to debut a limited-edition fragrance—the first for their fashion line—they knew exactly who to call. “Sam and I wanted a scent inspired by the places where we grew up, since these areas are still near and dear to our hearts,” Halmos said at a launch party for the newly unveiled CO/FL (as in Colorado and Florida) fragrance last night at Bird in Brooklyn. “As we met with Dave [Moltz] and Kavi [Ahuja] from D.S. & Durga, we realized that these places actually have a lot in common in terms of the notes and scent associations.” The ensuing eau, which is meant to be worn year round, channels the cool alpine Rocky Mountain air on one hand and warm, sun-splashed afternoons spent in the coastal South on the other. When creating the atmospheric blend, Moltz layered four “regional” accords, including Florida sand pine, crisp snow, and suntan lotion (specifically of the Coopertone variety), as well as a trio of myrtle, juniper, and lavender. “I went through about 30 different versions, then narrowed it down to four, which we presented to the designers,” he recalls. The final scent is hand-mixed, packaged in a stitched cloth pouch, and stamped with its number in the fragrance series. “We only created 99 bottles,” says Moltz. Why that number? “I don’t know, actually,” the perfumer laughed. “But it sounds cooler than 100, don’t you think?”

CO/FL, $98, available at and in-store exclusively at
Bird boutiques in Brooklyn,

Photo: Courtesy of D.S. & Durga

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