August 31 2014

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The Hair Tie-Turned-Accessory Cometh


That we love a multipurpose beauty product is something we’re very open about. It can moisturize our face and add shine to our hair? Yes, please. But it’s the rare occasion that something we slather onto our skin, dab on behind our ear, or comb through our mane doubles as a wardrobe essential. So when that blue moon does indeed rise, we are more than ready to seize upon it. Feast your eyes on Goody’s new Doublewear, an ingenious concept that makes everyday hair ties fully functional pieces of jewelry. Ponytail holders are all of a sudden bracelets, while headbands double as necklaces. The concept isn’t novel, per se, but no one has done it quite like this before—and by “this” we mean pared down and not at all tacky. Run-of-the-mill black elastics have been adorned with rose gold or silver bars in three different textures, adding just the right amount of flair to your strands—or your wrists. It might seem strange to be so excited about something so simple, but we’re finding it truly difficult to contain ourselves. Even our ultra- chic market editor, Marina Larroude, is on board. Her one complaint? That the bars themselves aren’t as malleable as the bands. But that hasn’t stopped her from accessorizing her Markus Lupfer striped sweater with one.

Photo: Courtesy of Goody

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