August 23 2014

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A Play For Clay


Trying an exfoliating face masque in the dead of winter, when skin is probably at its most sensitive and flaky, is a risky endeavor, as the wrong constitution of chemical or physical sloughing materials can only exacerbate the problem. But on a lark, I decided to mix up the detoxifying Whole Truth Solutions Clay Therapy Masque in Cranberry Lemongrass and see what happened. Here’s what I have to report: My skin will never been the same, in the best possible way. The natural masque is made with a blend of soothing French yellow clay along with alpha hydroxy-rich orange peel, vitamin C-loaded cranberries, and calming lemongrass, all of which comes packed in dry—not wet—form in an adorable apothecary-style bottle with a mini bamboo spoon. As per the directions, I added water to the powder until it formed a paste (tip: Do your mixing in a bowl, not in the palm of your hand while standing in the shower on a morning you’re late for work). Unlike other clay masques that crack and peel while drying, this one only made my skin feel a tiny bit stretched, and I could adjust the intensity by adding more or less water. Even better, I could actually see little bits of dead skin pilling on my face (gross, yes, but also so, so satisfying). After ten minutes, I splashed the masque off with warm water, and gasped—literally! My skin looked polished, not a bit blotchy or dry, and so youthfully smooth I skipped the primer under my makeup. All told, I’m now 100 percent convinced that exfoliating with botanical extracts rather than abrasive, bumpy scrubs is the only way to go. The entire line of five custom-made clay masques is set to drop at green purveyor Spirit Beauty Lounge this month.

Photo: Courtesy of Whole Truth

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