August 28 2014

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And The Award For The Best Brows Goes To…


There’s no hiding the fact that one of the most exciting parts of the upcoming awards season for us will be watching Michelle Williams light up the camera flash bulbs on more than one occasion. The My Week With Marilyn star has a number of Best Actress nominations coming up, and we imagine she has more than a few “best of the red carpet” moments in the works as well. There are plenty of people who think that this is Williams’ year, too, and if we were the pixie-cut posterchild, we’d be adding an important person to any planned acceptance speeches: “I’d like to thank…my eyebrow groomer.”

Williams’ arches have always mesmerized us—particularly when she went platinum at Cannes a few years back and proceeded to fill in her brows with a dark brown pencil for a starker-than-usual contrast. But even now, as she transitions into a more honey-hued flaxen, her high arches and elongated shape are still the focal point of her face, which was on display last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Next weekend, when Williams heads out to L.A. for the Golden Globes, she’ll also take the opportunity to meet up with an old friend, Anastasia Soare. “I did her eyebrows for years, and when she moved to New York I was only able to keep up with her for a little while,” Soare laments of Williams, who she doesn’t get to see all that much anymore. But when the petite blonde does head for the Hollywood Hills, Soare is on her speed dial. “She looks so beautiful with really thick brows, so we always tried to save every little hair, because when she was younger they were thinner,” says the celebrity brow specialist. Williams is long past her over-tweezing days, so Soare’s job for next Sunday will be slightly easier, although she’s still got a few plans in mind to ensure that Williams’ arches are podium-ready. “I like that she wears her eyebrows darker. We used to dye her eyebrows, but even when we dye [them], she still has to use ash blonde powder. I advise my clients who have blond hair to use makeup that is one shade darker. For dark hair, you should use one shade lighter,” Soare says, adding a few words of application wisdom. “The lead in my Brow Wiz pencils is so fine, you could do a few strokes of hair in between your natural hairs. If you use powder, use an angled brush to try to do strokes of hair, but the key with powder is to blend afterwards.”

As for rehabilitating over-plucked brows to get them back to a thickness and length on par with Williams’, Soare is quick to big-up her newly reformulated Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced. “It not only stimulates the hair growth, but it creates a healthy environment around the hair follicle,” she explains of the elixir. Unclear if Williams has been partaking in Soare’s new miracle pen, but she’s certainly doing something right—make that a lot of somethings.

Photo: Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

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