August 27 2014

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Berocca: It’s Heeeeere


New York fashion week is just a week and a half away, and there will be a new must-have accessory in every editor’s bag when the Fall shows commence—and we’re not talking about Pop Phones. Last week, Berocca, Europe’s favorite energy supplement, arrived in the U.S. We first got wind of the orange-flavored effervescent tablets last year when we spied a tube of them in Vanessa Traina’s refrigerator alongside a few choice bottles of Chanel nail polish. “I drink them in the morning every day and before I go out at night,” Traina said of the fashion world favorite that you dilute in water for a super-charged dose of vitamin C. The immune-boosting antioxidant is only part of what has made Berocca such a hit across the pond, though. Biotin and a vitamin B complex help your body release energy from food to boost physical strength, while folic acid helps foster your body’s additional energy supply centers. But it’s the drink’s guarana and caffeine blend that truly helps you “stay on top of your game,” as the tablets’ new ad campaign promises. And with no sugar and less than five calories, it’s a far cry from that mocha latte you normally rely on for an added edge to start the day. Bottoms up.

Photo: Courtesy of Berocca



  1. cazharri says:

    full of aspartame! chemical which is bad for your inside.

  2. Berocca says:

    Berocca is available online at!

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