September 3 2014

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Bumble Plays For Home Field Advantage


I was once addicted to the Brazilian blow-out. There, I’ve said it. At the height of this addiction, the inhalation of potentially poisonous fumes seemed like a small price to pay to be free of unmanageable curls for three months. I’ve come around, though, and have stopped the treatments cold turkey, which has been great for my health; less so for my hair. To tame the mass of rebellious strands that have been my lifelong struggle, I resorted to side buns, braids and all manner of styles that held the promise of keeping my corkscrews at bay. Then I tried Bumble and bumble’s Concen-Straight Pro Treatment, which launched last Fall, with considerable success. The in-salon service uses the power of heat to activate a serum rich in pearl, tourmaline, Brazilian green malachite, and sapphire powders, which combine to loosen the bonds that give hair its natural curve. Polylysine, a naturally occurring amino acid, is then applied to refine the bonds into looser shapes. My one complaint? I had to book regular appointments to keep up its effects (inherent laziness is a hard thing to overcome). So you can imagine my delight when the New York-based brand launched an at-home version of the treatment. Its new Concen-straight Smoothing Treatment relies on the same process as its professional predecessor: you shampoo your hair, saturate it with the active serum, let it work it’s magic for a half hour, rinse it out, and then blowdry following up with an allover flat-ironing session to lock the straight style in place. Afterward, you’re supposed to wait 24 hours before washing and then relish in a frizz-free, straighter style—which sort of happened on a recent trial run. When I washed my hair following the recommended wait time, my curls did in fact return. To be fair, they were looser and after a quick once-over with the blow-dryer, they settled into a pretty, wavy texture way more quickly than usual. But the results are not as dramatic as the formaldehyde-free salon version. At a fraction of the price of the original, though, the at-home formula is a quick and easy way to at least relax typically tight curls—and for two whole months at that.

Photo: Courtesy of Bumble and Bumble

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