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Diorshow Turns Ten, Gets A “New Look”


If you were to gather a room full of international beauty influencers, tell them to forget about their contracts and brand affiliations, and ask them to name their all-time favorite mascara, the answer would inevitably come back Diorshow. We’ve spied the cult-favorite lash enhancer in more makeup kits than we have room to recount here, in large part due to its extra-large, volume-enhancing brush that simply didn’t exist when the black glossy tube made its debut in 2002. Ten years on, and the linchpin of the Dior Beauty arsenal is about to get a makeover. Why mess with perfection? The same reason Monsieur Dior felt the need to overhaul women’s clothing silhouettes with his famous New Look collection 65 years ago; change can be a good thing.

Next month, the French house will introduce Diorshow New Look mascara, which boasts a serum-enriched formula and a new, ground-breaking nano brush. The inspiration for New Look’s design comes directly from Dior’s world-rocking 1947 couture show of the same name, as well as a glance eastward, where Asian eyelashes, which are notably shorter and straighter than Western lashes, helped inform the brush’s unique capabilities. The results are best described with a string of familiar adjectives: Lashes appear fuller, longer, and retain an exceptional bend, especially when treated to a subsequent swipe of Dior’s forthcoming Diorshow Heat Curl (more on that later). But rather than regale you with promises you’ve definitely heard before, we tracked down Dior Beauty scientific communication director Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis to get a firsthand account of the inner workings of Diorshow 2.0. Let the revolution begin.

Why update Diorshow when it is already such an undisputed hit?

The purpose of the work with our labs was to create the same revolution for the eyes as Christian Dior’s first haute couture collection. The New Look was a reinvention of the volume and length of dresses, and it had the effect of a bomb in the fashion world. Diorshow New Look mascara is also a new vision of volume that can be compared to the profusion of fabrics of the couture [designs].

What are some of the marked differences between Asian and Western lashes, and how did this help determine some of the new mascara’s notable features?

The studies we have led with our Asian Innovation Center in Tokyo and Shanghai have shown us that Asian lashes are shorter, less numerous, straighter and less curled, a feature that is amplified by the fact that their implementation in the eyelid gives them a downward orientation. The first big asset of Diorshow New Look is its exclusive tiny Nano Brush. Apart from its 1.8mm extra-small size, this brush has a unique double design: The lower part is made of molded spikes organized in four rows, so that the formula trapped between the rows can provide lash separation and immediate volume, length, and curl to the largest lashes. The upper part has a more precise design, made of tiny spikes evenly distributed all around the brush. It is able to reach the smaller lashes so each lash, even the shortest, is coated, stretched, and curled.

How does having a skincare-grade serum in the formula help boost the mascara’s performance?

Each lash follows the same life cycle: It grows for a month or two, then matures for twice as much time to finally fall as a new lash is starting to grow, pushing it out of the way. [Our serum] optimizes the lash cycle at every step: [Its] royal jelly melts when exposed to the eyelid heat during the growth phase, delivering nutrients to deeply nourish the lash bulb and allow the lashes to grow as long as possible. Then, during the maturation phase, it will permeate to repair the lash fiber and protect it, prolonging the lash lifespan.

So does it make for longer-lasting results than simply afforded by a daily makeup application?

It is able to show impressive day-after-day results: After four weeks, we have seen improvements such as 55 percent in volume, 95 percent in curvature, and lashes that are almost 50 percent longer!

$28.50, available February 2012 at

Photo: Courtesy of Dior Beauty

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