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Diptyque’s Star-Crossed Scent


People who typically wear rose fragrances don’t just like the flower’s sweet aroma; more often than not, they are obsessed with it. And it’s obsession, intermingled with a bit of fatal attraction, that has inspired Diptyque’s latest tangle with the storied bloom. Its new Rosa Mundi collection takes its name from the beautiful Rosamund Clifford, who was King Henry II’s beloved mistress until the Queen dosed her with a hit of poison. With his heart forever broken, the king commanded Rosamund’s grave be blanketed with Damask roses every year on the anniversary of their meeting. To commemorate this tale of ill-fated love, Diptyque has blended Damask and Centifolia roses with bergamot, lychee, geranium, and musk, which lends a surprising effect to to the composition of the eau so it never veers into old-timey, powdery territory as many more traditional rose elixirs can. Instead, the flacon smells of stepping into a dewy, verdant rose garden—a modern take on essences of the classic red-petaled flower that just may garner it a new crop of fanatical admirers.

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