August 23 2014

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Juicing With Anais Pouliot


Full disclosure: When I read that Gwyneth Paltrow would be cleansing all month—and challenging subscribers to her GOOP newsletter to do the same, part of me wanted to join the party. It’s not that I’m a big GOOP reader—or even a rabid Gwyneth fan (of which there are many). But there’s something about Paltrow’s dedication to health and wellness that’s contagious and inspires to you to try things you might not normally do—like make fresh almond milk or drink two protein shakes a day for three weeks while dosing yourself with toxin-purging supplements. My dedication to social dinners (and recreational alcohol consumption) has ultimately prevented me from embracing the latter, but homemade almond milk smoothies I can get on board with (I made Gwyneth’s almond milk recipe this weekend with overwhelming success.) Juicing has also recently become a Gwyneth-inspired obsession of mine, and while adopting a three-day, juice-only diet isn’t in the cards, healthy beverages packed with vegetable and fruit extracts certainly are. And I’m not the only one on the liquid tip. “It’s a boost of nutrients,” according to catwalking queen Anais Pouliot, who shared stories about her recent conversion to the church of juicing when we spied her sipping a green beverage out of a Dasani bottle backstage at Stella McCartney’s pre-fall show yesterday. “I made this at home! It’s apple, kale, cucumber, and carrot,” the Québécoise beauty revealed of the concoction (she’s been partial to beet root, carrot, and apple as well as carrot, orange, and ginger blends of late, too). “I do them whenever I can, but I have a lingerie shoot tomorrow so I don’t want to be bloated,” said Pouliot, who explained that she’ll sub a juice for a salty snack on days when she’s prepping for jobs. “I don’t do a full day of juices, you know, because your body wants to eat.” As for splurging on an industrial juicer, Pouliot had a helpful piece of advice for the space-deprived apartment dwellers among us. “Mine is a Breville. I got it on Amazon when I moved to New York. It’s compact so it fits in my kitchen!”

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  1. 3e01002c958aaa0326bb710f0dad3814 says:

    For all of you Sydney based juicers, Lucky You Juice (based in Edgecliffe)will deliver fresh pressed juice right to your door. I am addicted to her 3-5 day detoxes. They have changed my life (and the way I look)!

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