August 21 2014

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Marion Lashes Out


While Midnight in Paris star Owen Wilson’s performance was recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press at this weekend’s Golden Globes, the ensemble cast went predominantly without mention, which meant the film’s French knockouts like Léa Seydoux and Marion Cotillard were no-shows at the annual awards show. But Cotillard was out and about last night for Chaumet’s cocktail party and dinner for Cesar’s Revelations in Paris—and with an impressive tribute to spider lashes at that. The screen star paired her heavily lacquered lids with fresh skin and just-bitten lips, so that while you couldn’t miss her lashes, they were still subtle in that effortless way that is signature of French women generally, and Cotillard specifically. It’s yet another testament to our personal mantra that a few simple swipes of mascara go a long way. Don’t you agree?

Photo: Francois Durand/Getty Images



  1. GabiW says:

    She is gorgeous I looooved her in Midnight in Paris!Her makeup is flawless i love how she keeps it subtle, emphasising her natural beauty and radiance!

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