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The “Sarah” Gets An Update; Sandra, In The Flesh—And In 3-D; And More…


Sarah Palin has updated her signature bangs and beehive hairstyle with—wait for it—waves! The conservative pundit debuted the new look during a recent cameo on Fox News (obviously). [Huff Po]

In other hair makeover news, Cameron Diaz was spotted sporting a shorter—and blonder—crop on a recent Hawaiian vacation. [E!]

In a groundbreaking bit of investigative journalism, the Times has found that most experts agree: You should apply your base makeup in the comfort of your own home and only fill your makeup bag with “essentials” for touch-ups. Stop the presses. [NYT]

Get this: For her next film, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity (due out in October), Sandra Bullock will appear without makeup—and in 3-D! “God help us all when my face comes rushing at you with no makeup on,” the actress jokes. [Marie

Speaking of Bullock, her go-to fitness instructor, Simone De La Rue, is poised to unseat Tracy Anderson as the Hollywood set’s preferred workout guru. Body By Simone (or BBS), the New York-based trainer’s core-strengthening program combining pilates, yoga, and dance, is already the chosen exercise method of A-listers like Anne Hathaway and Matt Damon. [Daily Mail]

Photo: AP Photo/Jennifer Graylock



  1. DivaDebbi says:

    Gpod God SP looks 100!. Same beehive and bangs and a tangled mess of waves. Get thee to a new stylist…STAT.

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