August 21 2014

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Backstage At Paul Smith, Brow Lifts—No Injectables Necessary


Peter Gray secured himself a place in Spring 2012′s hair hall of fame when he fashioned faux undercuts backstage at Paul Smith last season to help create the illusion of “cool, English rock chicks who shaved their heads for the summer.” Yesterday, the hairstylist was up to his old tricks, devising another optical illusion backstage at Smith’s Fall show, where there was a reason models’ faces looked particularly taut on the runway: “It’s a pulley system for cheekbones,” Gray said, taking a fine section of hair from above each ear and pulling it tight against the scalp before securing in the back of the head with a few spritzes of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray and a piece of elastic. A back-combed top section that Gray fashioned into a side-parted, soft bouffant ultimately hid the flattened panels from view. “It forms a secret winch, tugging on the skin for an instant facelift effect,” he explained, pointing out that the technique is “one step on from the tight ponytail.” It sure beats Botox.

Photo: Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

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