August 27 2014

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Michelle Williams Lightens Up


While Michelle Williams couldn’t quite figure out how to describe her strapless, tiered custom Louis Vuitton gown last night, calling it “coral” and “watermelon” before ABC red-carpet correspondent and Project Runway judge Tim Gunn finally declared it “coral,” one thing was certain: The actress’ formerly honey gold hair color simply would not have worked with the dress that looked plain-old red on camera. Williams went lighter this weekend, right before the Independent Spirit Awards, cashing in her formerly warm, medium-dark blonde for something a little more flaxen that neared the platinum she sported at Cannes two years ago, albeit a little less icy. It was then up to Williams’ trusted stylist, Chris McMillan, to style her signature pixie accordingly. His first order of business was to massage Couture Colour’s Pequi Oil into Williams’ damp hair. “I am often afraid of oils on blondes,” he admits, as they can alter true color ever so slightly. But this treatment product instantly absorbs without leaving behind a tint, McMillan maintains. A touch of volumizing mousse and a precise layering effort of two shades of Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Paradis, a pink coral, and Destinee, a light plum, courtesy of makeup artist Angela Levin, ensured that Williams’ beauty look was just enough of a subdued statement to balance her bright, showstopping dress. “Ladies in Hollywood are either fashionable or glamorous,” McMilan surmises. “[But] Michelle is fashionably glamorous.” Agreed.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

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